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St Peters CE Primary School

Heversham is a small village 7 miles from Kendal. We were very privileged to work with the 16 remaining pupils from the school in the last month before the school finally closed its doors after more than 150 years. The pupils asked to record a tour of their school so that people in the future could see their school. They also invited ex-pupils to the school for tea, biscuits and a memory swop.

Film: Pupils take ex-pupils on a tour of their school.  

Film: Pupils say goodbye to their school by filming a school tour.    

"I have extremely, happily enjoyed taking in the happy, funny and naughty memories on your easy-to-use, shiny recorders. My favourite thing was recording ex-pupils’ memories and listening to their tales of wonder and interest. It has inspired me so much! It was awesome!"

Erin age 7

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